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Meet Zillah

I am a freelance journalist based in Toronto, ON, Canada, specializing in reviewing comedy and music albums, critiquing live comedy shows, interviewing entertainment personalities and writing pop culture pieces.

Please feel free to inquire with me if you have a piece/project in mind. I am available for assignments similar to the ones I currently do, but I am also open to whatever idea and format you have for me to help showcase you and your art.
The sky’s the limit. :)

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Most Recent Work (see Published Work for more)

Album Review: Myles Morrison, You Better Be Funny

Myles Morrison’s You Better Be Funny is a 30-minute album that outlines the various situations Morrison observed and found himself in during the pandemic and beyond. While many may not have had a good time during the pandemic and subsequent quarantine, Morrison would gladly do it every year (that is, only if people didn’t get sick – he’s not a monster!).

Morrison highlights the audience’s shared comical experiences of life during and after the pandemic, reminding us of some of the inane realiti

Album Review: Dakota Ray Hebert, I'll Give You An Indian Act

“Well, I hope I’m funny! That’d be cool, right?” This is how Dakota Ray Hebert addresses and welcomes her waiting audience, and I can confidently say that she is funny and then some. Hebert’s debut album, I’ll Give You an Indian Act fits so much into its 30 minutes of material. Not only does it have barrels of laughter, but it surprises with its astute and hilarious observations, historical facts and ability to paint an entertaining scene.

Hebert has a uniquely funny way of ridiculing (complete

Talking Inter-Dan-Mensional with Dan Galea and Scott Thompson

On the precipice of the release of his debut album, Inter-Dan-Mensional, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Galea and Scott Thompson, executive producer and contributor on the album. Spanning across 19 tracks, Inter-Dan-Mensional takes its listeners on a musical and comedy journey of Galea’s life, traveling through various dimensions of self, having contagious fun along the way. It starts off very appropriately for a Canadian with Galea introducing himself and thanking all those for listening to the album. He sets the scene, letting his audience know that we are about to, “Experience multiple Dans from multiple Dan-mensions.”

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